Building a Barometer Questionnaire

Building a Barometer Questionnaire


In this guide, learn how to design creative experiences that drive conversations.

Looking for a double-digit open rate? Design creative experiences that drive conversations!

We know that today’s website visitors are inundated with stale content all focused on business needs rather than the needs of the visitor. But what if we framed our content around engaging our customers?

Qualified customer SUSE created a Barometer Questionnaire experience that had a highly successful open/conversation rate. Curious how they did it?

Take a look:

  • First, they asked a custom question designed to drive engagement: “Does your organization practice open innovation”.
  • Then, they added emoji and multiple options to the “quiz answers”. They also selected to have the quiz answers “float on page” to be more visible and compelling.
  • Based on their answers to the quiz question, they suggested relevant conversational content designed to capture leads, added them to a specific “barometer” campaign and asked if they’d like to sign up for a newsletter.

Voila! A 22% open rate and a 16% conversation rate! Try it in your Qualified orgs today!

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