Building Smart Buttons

Building Smart Buttons


Learn how to build a smart button experience, changing your CTA from static to bespoke!

Every marketer knows the value of a call-to-action (CTA)—like “Contact Us” or “Request a Demo.” Peppering these buttons across your site prompts visitors to reach out for more information and kick-starts the sales cycle. Historically, these CTAs lead to static forms loaded with fields asking for personal information; but this creates friction for buyers. They don’t want to fill out forms, they want answers. The result: low conversion rates.

The Smart Button changes your CTAs from a static one-size-fits-all form to a bespoke buying experience. When visitors meet your ideal customer profile, trigger a real-time sales conversation with your sales team to open the door to a dynamic two-way conversation. This gets buyer questions answered in real time and helps your sales teams instantly capture more pipeline.

Where should I use it?

Use this experience across your website when website visitors meet you qualification criteria. Serve up a button that says "Talk to Sales" or "Schedule a Meeting" when visitors match your ideal customer profile. This button will trigger either a live conversation or a chatbot experience, depending on what makes sense for your business.

What's the Business Impact?

The smart button increases your likeliness of capturing leads and opens the doors to more sales conversations. It dynamically opens up your messenger, increasing your likeliness of engagement.

How exactly can I build this?

Smart buttons (a type of manually-triggered experience) can take a bit more time and effort to build, perfect and test. From a high-level, you'll want to target a specific call to action button on your website (for example: Contact Us / Book a Demo) and change the button URL to trigger the specific experience. Step-by-step instructions are available in Qualified University.

But first, a few examples of how leading companies are using Qualified smart buttons:

  • To Show and Hide a Smart button based on qualification
  • To present different experiences based on qualification
  • To drive inbound calls.

More information about each of these use cases can also be found on Qualified University.

Curious about building a smart button today? Check out our University and reach out to your Qualified Success Architect who can help share even more best practices.

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