Building the ABM Red Carpet

Building the ABM Red Carpet


Learn how to build the ABM Red Carpet and notify your account teams when your target account arrives on the site.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) focuses your revenue teams on target accounts that meet your ideal customer profile. It’s proven to increase pipeline and revenue, but it requires a highly orchestrated effort across all your touchpoints—from ads to landing pages. With such a significant investment, it’s crucial to meet buyers during "the last mile" of the lead conversion journey on your site. Otherwise, you’re missing out on hard-earned pipeline.

With the ABM Red Carpet, your dedicated account teams are immediately notified when a buyer from a target account arrives. They can welcome them to the site, answer questions in real time, and even book the next meeting before they depart. This strategy delivers a memorable, white-glove buying experience for your most prized accounts and turns your ABM strategy into a lead generation machine.

Curious how to build the ABM Red Carpet? Watch this video above, where one of our Qualified Success Architects builds the experience live and talks through just how simple it can be!

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