Building the Form Companion

Building the Form Companion


Learn how to build the Form Companion experience to give qualified buyers a chance to skip the line and help them connect with a sales rep in real time.

The world around us has changed, technology has changed, and B2B buyer expectations have changed, but the traditional pipeline generation process has remained untouched. For years, marketers have spent time and money driving traffic to the website then relied on form fills to generate leads. This strategy often results in asynchronous sales cycles that are slow and inefficient. Why not meet qualified buyers right on the website when they’re most interested in learning more?

If you’re uneasy about ditching forms all together, then this play is for you. The Form Companion presents a Qualified Experience alongside your most popular forms, like "Contact Sales" or "Request a Demo." This gives your buyers the option to either submit the form or engage with a sales rep in real time. Once you see the impact of real-time conversations, you can expand to other forms or landing pages across your site. With this play, you can fast track qualified website visitors to instant sales meetings and watch your pipeline skyrocket.

Where should I use it?

Present this experience alongside your most popular forms, like your "Contact Sales" or "Request a Demo" forms. Then expand to other forms or landing pages as your team sees the impact of real-time conversations.

What's the Business Impact?

What if your sales team could have real-time conversations with your most qualified website visitors when they're knocking at your door and ready to talk to you? By using the Form Companion on your website, you will capture more leads, book more meetings, and maximize website conversions.

How exactly can I build this?

This experience relies on a few critical experience building best practices:

  • First, invite visitors to join a live conversation. Let them know that they can either "jump the line" and talk to a specialist live or answer a few questions to help us give them a more personalized experience.
  • Then, you'll rely on the "Ask a Question" experience node heavily. You can ask for a business email address so you can enrich the visitor's profile with data from third-party systems and find information such as company size, to help you quickly qualify that visitor.
  • The more questions you ask, the more likely that visitor will drop off. You can see this visually happen in Qualified's Conversation Flow Analytics. To help minimize the chance of losing that visitor, make sure to check the box "Skip question if previously populated." This allows you to provide them with a custom "form companion" experience that acknowledges the information that we already know about the visitor from previous form fills, data enrichment tools or more.
  • Then, once you've qualified the Lead, offer them the Qualified Meeting Booker and give them the opportunity to schedule time with a rep. Be sure to also use experience steps such as alerts to encourage your reps to pounce and have a real-life conversation with them. Just remember -- if a rep pounces, the Qualified experience will end and it's up to the rep to gather their email, answer qualification questions and book a meeting.

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