Building the Open Opportunity Fastlane

Building the Open Opportunity Fastlane


Learn how to build the Open Opportunity Fastlane and keep your deal momentum going!

Your revenue teams work hard to capture leads and convert them into Opportunities, but we all know it doesn’t stop there. Opportunities must be nurtured and ultimately turned into revenue. Yet, throughout a sales cycle, there can be hurdles: deals pause, contacts go dark, and sales reps lose momentum. All the while, buyers from an account with an open Opportunity may be actively browsing your site, but your sales reps have no idea.

The Open Opportunity Fastlane is a game-changing strategy that keeps deal momentum going. When a known visitor linked to an open Opportunity arrives on the site, it’s time to pull out all the stops. Immediately route them to the Opportunity owner, who can then capitalize on that “magic moment” when their interest is heightened and instantly start a productive sales conversation. This keeps deals moving forward and closes more business, faster.

So, where should I use this?

Use this experience across your website for all contacts associated with an open opportunity. Remember, routing is key. Route the conversation to the Opportunity owner so they can have contextual, productive sales conversations.

And what's the business impact?

Your Account Executives and sales team get connected immediately with contacts that are in their pipeline, and improve their chances of progressing their deals through the sales cycle.

And -- how exactly do I build this?

To build the Open Opportunity Fastlane, you'll want to start by creating a trigger that focuses on open opportunities. In Qualified, you'll build this experience trigger by selecting the Contact, then the related Opportunity via Account and then selecting the appropriate stages as seen below.

Once you've created the trigger, you can add alert steps such as app alerts, Slack or Microsoft teams alerts, provide the visitor with a personalized greeting by using a variable tag such as # **Welcome {{visitor.first_name | "to Our Company}}!** and then provide personalized and helpful content that might move the deal forward.

One potential trick could be referencing the account owner field on the opportunity (=visitor.company.external_fields.salesforce_account.owner#name) so that the experience greets the decision-maker by name and asks them if they'd like to be routed to their specific rep.

For example, your experience greeting could look something like:

"Hey Mike! Thanks for checking us out. Want to connect with your sales rep, Tony? Chat with him below, now!

And THAT'S how you create an Open Opportunity Fastlane that provides website visitors with the perfect VIP experience.

Looking for a step-by-step tutorial walking you through how to build this in the Qualified Experience Builder? Check out our Admin 203: Experience Building Best Practices course today!

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