Building the Pricing Page Expert

Building the Pricing Page Expert


Learn how to build the Pricing Page Expert experience, instantly notifying your team when a visitor is on the pricing page.

Once a buyer is sold on your product and its benefits, their next step is almost always the pricing page. This is a critical point in the buying journey where high-intent buyers are looking to understand packaging, pricing structure, and whether they can justify the cost.

In the B2B world, pricing can be a bit nebulous and may warrant a conversation with a pricing expert. However, this can deter buyers. They don’t want to contact sales, they want a straight answer right then and there. If they can’t get the information they need, they’re going to bounce.

The Pricing Page Expert instantly notifies your team when a visitor is on the pricing page. If they meet your qualification criteria, sales reps can quickly jump into a conversation to answer questions in real-time. Alternatively, this Experience can also identify which visitors are not qualified, helping your sales reps focus on the right buyers in the right moment. Once they’re chatting with VIPs, sales reps can understand what matters most in a contract. After that, the business is theirs to win.

Curious about how to build it?

First, create an experience triggers based on the current page showing your pricing page.

Then, create a custom greeting referencing the fact that they are on your pricing page and might have questions about your pricing, packages or other offerings.

Next, we recommend asking the visitor for their email to enrich the Qualified Visitor 360 and learn more information about whether this visitor is Qualified or not. And then, select a Route for Inbound step - creating a branch for live chat and for the Qualified Meeting Booker.

And that's it! You've got the beginnings of a pricing page experience!

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