Building the Resource Concierge

Building the Resource Concierge


Learn how to build an experience that recommends helpful content on your site and accelerates the buyer's journey down the funnel.

When top-of-funnel buyers arrive on your website, they may not know what they’re looking for or how to find it. Maybe they attended a recent webinar or saw a paid ad in their Google search results. Either way, they’re on your site to learn more, so don’t just leave them to their own devices. Instead, capitalize on their interest and help them navigate around the site to ensure they get the information they need before they’re gone for good.

The Resource Concierge welcomes visitors to the site and serves up relevant content— like customer stories, whitepapers, or guides. Once engaged, you can nurture the conversation, ask some qualifying questions, and book a sales meeting with qualified buyers right on the spot. This accelerates their journey down the funnel and dials up your pipeline generation.

So how do I build The Resource Concierge?

To build this experience, we highly recommend leveraging two types of experience steps: branching and custom picklist questions. By leveraging these two steps, you can learn more about your buyer, provide them with options and eventually either serve them up information (as a message) or navigate them to a new page (two OTHER experience steps you should familiarize yourself with).

To build the experience concierge, you'll want to leverage conversational content like our customer Thoughtspot. They leveraged markdown language in a custom greeting with a number of CTA buttons to provide (normally) gated content to their customers and provide them with relevant resources.

Another example of the experience concierge is our customer Jellyvision. They've created individual experiences for each of their top 10 performing blog posts that recommends either a product page, another blog post or to chat with a rep live; based on the visitor and the attributes known about the visitor from the Visitor 360.

Looking for more tips?

Our team has worked with hundreds of customers on implementing conversational content into their Qualified experiences. Connect with your Qualified Success Architect for more ideas or to learn more best practices on providing relevant resources to your customers today.

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