Conversational Content Best Practices

Conversational Content Best Practices


In this guide, learn how to recommend content to your website visitors as they navigate the site, using Qualified Conversations.

The B2B sales world continues to change. Buyers expect personalized and instant experiences on your website. Rather than providing them with a gated eBook, why not use information about them as a visitor to recommend content that’s specific to them! Once you earn their trust by offering content, then you can ask them for their e-mail address to enrich their visitor profile! Take a look at this example from our customer Thoughtspot:

As part of implementing Qualified Conversations, your Qualified Success Architect might recommend potential opportunities to offer up specific content to your visitors - but if you want to do it yourself, simply follow the steps below:

First, As a Qualified admin, select Settings and then Experiences.

Second, In either a new or existing experience, select Ask a Question and then Picklist.

Third, In the Message area, add your content.

To replicate the example above, use the code:

# Next-generation data modeling made easier ![ThoughtSpot Modeling Language](
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Note how we used the following markdown symbols to customize the experience question:

  • # = heading
  • ! = alt text
  • ( ) = embedded image
  • ** ** = bold

Once you’ve added your message, be sure to add 2-3 CTA buttons to encourage visitors to take the next action. Select “Float on page” and “Inline” to mimic the look of the example above.

Our team has worked with hundreds of customers on implementing conversational content into their Qualified experiences. Want to learn new ways to incorporate this? Chat with us below! 👇

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