How To Avoid The Face Palm Pounce

How To Avoid The Face Palm Pounce


In this guide, learn how to avoid pouncing without capturing the right information (AKA that dreadful Face Palm Pounce.)

Pouncing is great. Here at Qualified, successfully pouncing is our secret sauce to generating pipeline. 

Pouncing comes with one more action item for you as a Sales Rep. Since a bot didn’t greet your website visitor, YOU are now responsible for collecting that all important information. 


Imagine this: Today is your day, you’re on Qualified and absolutely crushing it. The pounce opener you’ve been going with has been getting replies and you’re having conversations left and right. An unknown visitor pops up on your Qualified home page and is hanging out on the pricing page. You pounce “Hey! Brittney here at Qualified 👋 Our pricing is pretty dependent on your use case of our tool. Want me to get a quote together?”

They reply! Success! Pounce conversion achieved! You now ascend to a new realm where all the best Qualified Pouncers reside. Errr, okay maybe that part is made up. But way to go! 

Let's look at that conversation..

Prospect: “Hey Brittney - so happy you sent a message! I would love that!! Let me figure out what works best for my manager.”
“Awesome- we’ll speak again soon!”

And then they leave😒 This is called the “Face Palm Pounce.”


You had a prime opportunity to capture an email! Oh no! Face Palm! 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♂️

Check out this reply…

You: “Awesome! Before you leave, mind if I get your email address? We won’t use it to spam you (promise) but I can start putting a recommendation together based on your needs! We’ll have a head start when your manager can join 👍”

That's better right? Ever heard ABC- “Always Be Closing”? We’ve adapted it … “Always Be Closing  Confirming.” Always be confirming what, you ask? Next Steps. You always want to confirm what’s next and that is why you have to capture that email in order to generate the lead. 

There’s a way to do it conversationally. You wouldn’t just walk up to someone and say “Hey You! What’s your email???” Of course not! You’d explain to them why you needed their email and address any concerns on how that email would be used (no one wants more spam!) 

In summary - don't forget that when you pounce, it's on YOU to capture that information about a lead.

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