Importance of Being Available

Importance of Being Available


In this guide, learn why it's crucial to set yourself as available when you're able to take a chat and unavailable when you've stepped away.

When you’re in Qualified, there are two places where you are setting your “availability.”

The first place is when you’re configuring your calendar availability. This is a one time set up. We like to think of being on Qualified kinda like you’re actually selling in a physical store. You are the Sales Representative, your website is your storefront, and your calendar availability is the store’s open hours. This type of availability is when you’re saying “store is open” and “you can definitely come back and find me at this time.”

While that is a one time set up and you can find more information on it in our Sales Rep Set Up Guide, the second place you can set yourself as available is on your home screen.

You can think of this availability more like when you’re showing up at the store for your shift and clocking in and then clocking out. If you’re not clocking in, you can’t do any selling! And if you’re not clocking out- people think you are there to sell, when you’re actually already gone! 


Think about walking inside a store as a customer and raising your hand to speak with someone. If someone is in fact working, they can immediately walk up to you and greet you! Awesome!- immediate response and great experience. If you walk up to a store and raise your hand and no one is working because it’s 2am, then you’re immediately shown a sign with open hours so you know exactly when to come back! Yay- also a great experience! 

Here’s how it could go wrong...

If you walk into a store and raise your hand and no one clocked in.. you’re shown those open hours and told to come back later. But wait!!! Sales Rep Sally is actually there and ready to talk.. Aw man:/ She could’ve just closed that deal. Let’s hope they come back!

BUT! What if you walk into a store and raise your hand and no one clocked out for the day.. But they all did in fact leave.. You stand there waiting for someone to greet you, but no one will. This isn’t a great experience for you as a customer.


When you’re on shift - set yourself as available [clock in]! This tells customers that you are there and ready to answer questions! When you’re at lunch, taking a break, walking the dog, or just plain logged off for the day - set yourself as unavailable [clock out]! This tells customers that you’re not able to speak right away, they won’t spend time waiting for you with their (virtual😉) hand raised, and can book a meeting with you immediately when you get back online!


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