Play: Keep Salesforce Accurate without Switching Tabs

Play: Keep Salesforce Accurate without Switching Tabs


In this play, learn how to keep your Salesforce records up to date without ever leaving Qualified.

What is it? 

As you're having conversations with prospects, you may learn information that is relevant for your team to know during the sales cycle. In fact, any time a sales rep pounces on or chats with a visitor, we'll want to ensure that you create and update their Salesforce record, right from Qualified, in the Visitor 360.

As reps engage with visitors and add information to the Visitor 360, there are two options:

  • For visitors without a matching email in your Salesforce instance, reps can click Create Lead in Salesforce in the Visitor 360 to create a new lead record and be assigned ownership:
  • For visitors that are matched to your Salesforce instance, sync new details with existing lead or contact records in Salesforce by clicking Sync field(s) to Contact in the Visitor 360:

Why does it work?

Keeping your system of record accurate is the key to you having contextually relevant conversations with prospects. When you're in between 3 different conversations, monitoring your inbox for any replies to outbound emails, and quick scanning someone's LinkedIn to learn more about the right solution for them -> you need to be quick. Update Salesforce information without leaving Qualified so that next time that prospect visits your site you've got the right information to give them a personalized greeting.

When should you use it? 

You can always update Visitor 360 fields from Qualified, whether you're learning brand new information about an anonymous visitor or if you're learning supplemental information about a prospect already in your Salesforce.

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