Living in the Future: The New Call To Action

Living in the Future: The New Call To Action


In this guide, explore why the classic "let's find a time!" may not always be the right call to action.

In today's digital-first world, your website is your company's digital storefront, and it serves as the foundation of the Pipeline Cloud motion and your company's pipeline generation process. 


So, what does this mean for your sales team? 


It means you can no longer consider your website just a marketing tool. When using Qualified and conversational selling, your website is your phone, which makes it one of the most powerful selling tools in your team's toolbox. 


The traditional B2B sales model is filled with forms, gated content, and back-and-forth email communication that include calls to action such as: 

  • Can I have 15 minutes of your time?
  • Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about our product 
  • Here's an asset, and I'll call you to discuss 
  • Will you be attending our event this week?

These requests and drawn-out communication efforts are often off-putting to prospects or land in their inbox when they're in the middle of something and don't have time to think about your product. So what ends up happening? Often, your sales reps get ghosted! 


Instead, it's time for sales teams to re-think this method and these calls to action to allow prospects to engage with your company on their OWN time and when they are in the market to buy.  


In the age of conversational selling, your call to action should drive prospects to your website instead of focusing on getting time on prospects' calendars. 


With Qualified, when a target account lands on your website, sales reps are immediately alerted so they can engage in a real-time personalized sales conversation right on your site. 


No back-and-forth communication or engaging at inopportune times. With conversational sales, sales reps engage with prospects in a personal way at a point in time that is convenient for your prospect. 


See how your website has been transformed into a one-stop selling machine. Are you and your team ready to embrace it?! 



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