Onboarding New Team Members to Qualified

Onboarding New Team Members to Qualified


In this guide, learn how to make sure your newest sales reps are set up for success.

So you’ve got a new sales rep- get them set up in five steps!

Congratulations on making an addition to your Qualified crew! When you have a new team member, you want them to feel set up for success with Qualified and get ramped as quickly as possible. Each team is structured a little bit differently with varying rules of engagement, but here’s a helpful checklist to get your newest sales team member up to speed for Qualified.

If your new team member will use Qualified to chat with live visitors, follow the below steps. 

Step 1: Make sure your new rep is added to Qualified by your Qualified Admin

Your Qualified admin will enter the new user’s email below “Invite people to your org.” Note: make sure the “Rep” role  is assigned.

Step 2: Ask them to take the Qualified Sales Rep course

This course gives them everything they need to know for day one, including; account set up, inbound chatting, and pouncing.

After your new Sales Rep has set up their account, you may want to quickly verify they’ve taken the right steps to set up their account by doing the following:

On the Users page, make sure you can see their name and photo.

Users found within settings

On the Org Calendar page, check to see that their calendar shows connected and that the preview of the message appears as expected.

For example, you will want reps who are expected to book meetings for themselves to have their personal Zoom, Microsoft Teams, dialpad, or Google Meet link in that preview! If the previews are missing the personal meeting link, you can send over our article on how to connect your calendar.

Org Calendar found within Settings

Finally, check that they’ve connected their Salesforce account.

Navigate to the Salesforce connection section in Settings and you’ll be able to tell they’re connected if you see an email next to the name.

Salesforce connection found within Settings

Step 3: Ask your Qualified Admin to add them to routing rules 

Remember, because Qualified intelligently routes visitors based on who needs to see who, we want to make sure they can see the right website traffic. Check out this article to see how to edit user groups within Qualified so that users can be added to the right groups. For example, if you've added a new EMEA sales rep, you'll want to add them to the EMEA user group.

Step 4: Make sure they’ve downloaded the Desktop and Mobile applications for Qualified

Desktop app: Download the most recent version for Mac OS (163 MB) or Windows (119 MB).

Mobile app: Download the Qualified Mobile on your mobile device. Qualified Mobile is supported on both Apple and Android devices and can be found in the Apple App Store or in the Google Play store.

You can learn more about Qualified Desktop and Qualified Mobile within our knowledge library.

Step 5: Set up a discussion to review your team’s rules of engagement for Qualified

For example, should they set themselves to “available” every day when they log on or only during planned shifts? What qualification questions are most critical to have shortcuts set up for? When should they book meetings for themselves? For other team members? (e.g., Setting up an AE demo.)

When starting out, we have found these best practice guides to be most helpful to newer sales reps: 

- Importance of Being Available

- Shortcuts to Get You Started 

- Inbound Chat Best Practices

- Pouncing Fundamentals

We’re always here to help! With any questions reach out to your Qualified Success Architect or for technical support, reach out to help@qualified.com

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