Play: Capture Hearts by Using Location Data

Play: Capture Hearts by Using Location Data


In this play, learn how to really grab your website visitor's attention by pouncing and referencing location data.

What is it? 

Location data is a powerful tool that helps us engage with website visitors in a personalized way.

Why does it work?

We know personalization works, right? Let me ask you this- which of these do you think Sarah is more likely to respond to: A) "HEY!" or B)"HEY SARAH!" It's that simple, personalizing your message works. We use it in outbound emails so we should use it in our chats too! Location is an incredible tool that people often feel connected to. Got hometown pride? Lots of people do!

When should you use it? 

You have so many options - but be creative! You don't just have to call out location, call out something relevant for the location like shown in the video above. NOTE: You don't only have to use your visitor's location data, you can use your own! Connect with someone based on your own location with something like "hey it's Brittney from Atlanta!" If that visitor is in Atlanta, grew up in Atlanta, has even been to Atlanta, or is planning a trip to Atlanta --> they may reply just to chat!

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