Play: Following the Signals

Play: Following the Signals


In this play, learn how Qualified Sales Rep Chris followed the signals and booked a meeting.

What is it? 

The Pipeline Cloud gives you visibility into first party buyer intent data. What this means is that you can see who's been doing more and more research on you and coming to your website. Who has you on the brain and is in the market to buy? By viewing the Cup of Coffee dashboard, Chris was able to prioritize who he wanted to send an email too. Not only could he prioritize - he could also personalize! From there, he drew them back to the website and booked a demo!

Why does it work?

We know that in today's world, buyers want hyper personalized experiences that happen on their timeline. This play give them exactly that! When you're able to see who is in the market to buy your solution, you can easily get personalized with your outbound efforts. Based on buyer intent signals, you can see which companies are showing high intent and you can then do research on LinkedIn to see who it is you should reach out to. This personalized outreach effort should include a link back to your website. Once the prospect arrives on your website via the link you sent, you can greet them instantly and try to get the conversation going.

When should you use it? 

Any time a company is demonstrating high intent to buy, you want to use this play immediately! You may not know what exactly the reason is- maybe they have an upcoming renewal with your competitor and they're looking to swap. Whatever the reason is, you'll want to engage ASAP. By using the Cup of Coffee dashboard, personalizing your outbound message and then using the Qualified 1-2 Punch, you've set yourself up for the perfect moment to engage with a potential buyer. Not only does this work great for you, but it also is a great experience for your prospect. Imagine being on the other side of things and having a bespoke experience that got you exactly where you needed to go and in touch with the right people without even having to think about it. Sounds pretty great, right? Check out how to build the Cup of Coffee dashboard and then how to execute the 1-2 Punch.

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