Play: Just Browsing? No Problem!

Play: Just Browsing? No Problem!


In this play, learn to meet buyers where they are and see how that gets you further in the long run.

What is it? 

We have to meet buyers where they are. Check out how Qualified Rep Nick handles a website visitor who's "just browsing."

Why does it work?

Buyers are busy, just like us. They've likely got multiple people trying to get their attention, a growing list of to do items, and probably dinner to cook. If they say they're just browsing - that's no problem at all. Let them know that we're still here when they need us, whenever that may be! Maybe even suggest next steps or offer to help with their questions along the way. Just because they don't want to chat now, doesn't mean they wouldn't want to chat later!

When should you use it? 

Use this any time you see someone say "Just browsing" in your bot flow, someone replies to your pounce to let you know that they don't need help, or even if you just don't get a reply. We should respect their wishes, while maintaining that top notch professionalism and service that drove them to us in the first place.

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