Play: Outbound Strategically

Play: Outbound Strategically


In this play, learn how you as a Sales Rep could use Qualified Signals to prioritize your outbound efforts.

What is it? 

Within the Pipeline Cloud, Qualified Signals is a powerful Buyer Intent tool that shows you when accounts are demonstrating higher than average buying intent behavior. Use this to prioritize who you send outbound emails to.

Why does it work?

Why waste time sending personalized outbound messages to people who aren't actually in the market to buy? Sales Reps are busy and every minute counts. By focusing your efforts on prospects who are actually in the market to buy - you'll hit your quota in less time than ever. When sending out outbound messages to prospects, don't forget about the 1-2 Punch! Lead them back to your website for an instant chat conversation.

Qualified Outbound sales reps use Qualified Signals to allocate their time strategically. Remember: we don't want you talking to everyone.. just the right people.

When should you use it? 

Our outbound team at Qualified looks Qualified Signals every single day to start their day. They've built out what we affectionately refer to as a "Cup of Coffee" dashboard in Salesforce. Why a cup of coffee? Because it's how they all start their day, every day! Check out this article to learn how to build this dashboard for your team!

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