Play: Read Minds with Type Ahead and Upgrade to Voice/Video

Play: Read Minds with Type Ahead and Upgrade to Voice/Video


In this play, learn how to strategically read someone's mind to know when it's time to upgrade to voice/video so you can get that next meeting on the books.

What is it? 

With Qualified, you can actually see what website visitors are typing to you when they engage in a chat conversation. With this type of tool, you can "read someone's mind" to see if it looks like it might be time to upgrade to a voice/video call. When you see prospects typing out their message but continually deleting and rewriting- this might be a sign that voice/video would be the perfect way to engage with them.

Why does it work?

We all know that upgrading to voice/video is the quickest way to have a rich and effective Qualification conversation. When it appears that prospects are having difficulty articulating a point, they may actually prefer to go to voice/video. In doing this, they are better able to communicate their message AND you're able to connect in a more personalized and engaging way with a potential future customer!

When should you use it? 

You should use this play to help prospects better communicate with you. When you see that a prospect is typing, then deleting, then typing, then deleting - help them help you! Upgrade to a voice call OR a video call. Not seeing an option for a video call just yet? Don't worry! This is a new Qualified feature and it's headed your way soon and no action required from you.

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