Play: The 1-2 Punch Outbound Click Thru

Play: The 1-2 Punch Outbound Click Thru


In this play, learn how to greet your target outbound visitors the moment they arrive on the website with the right context.

What is it? 

We at Qualified call this our 1-2 punch. When we send outbound emails to prospects, we always direct them to our website. If a prospect clicks the link, our Sales Reps are notified immediately and can chat with them once they arrive on the site.

Why does it work?

Prospects who engage in with your outbound attempts have you on the brain. Something in that email peaked their interest. Chatting with them once they arrive on the site is a way to keep them engaged and help answer any additional questions they have after reading your email.

When should you use it? 

This is a great play to use any time! Any time you can prompt your prospects to visit your website and then chat with them live while you’ve got their attention- you've got some potential there. Use the context from your outbound email to greet them, you already know that worked because got a click. By greeting website visitors, you're giving the prospect a seamless experience AND they know that you're more than just an email, you're human!

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