Play: To Be Seen or To Not Be Seen

Play: To Be Seen or To Not Be Seen


In this play, learn how multiple messages when pouncing gets you a better chance at a response.

What is it? 

If there's someone on your website right now who you really want to talk to, don't stop after 1 message! You've got a few!

Why does it work?

Come up with some formulas for different segments. For example, if a prospect clicked at outbound email you may want to send 3 messages:

1) Thanks for clicking my email!  

2) This is X. Does this happen to be X?  

3) Did you come here to check out the demo I mentioned in my email?

We do this for a few reasons. For one, it's more conversational. When texting a friend, we typically break out our messages rather than sending one long one. We want prospects to feel that this is a casual conversation and they can chat with us without committing to anything big just yet. Also, it's more visually catching to see multiple messages pop up rather than just one. Think again of texting a friend. When you see 3 different messages pop up and hear your phone buzz 3 different times, you notice it a little more than if it had just been one.

When should you use it? 

Any time you pounce on prospects, you should consider using this tactic. It's catchy and conversational. However, a disclaimer! Don't send through too many messages, we don't want our prospects feeling like they can't browse on their own time and their own terms.

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