Play: Waking the Dead 🤯

Play: Waking the Dead 🤯


In this play, check out how to capture the attention of previous warm leads that fell out of reach.

What is it? 

To "Wake the Dead" is to revive something previously thought to be lost, right? How about with Pipeline?? Send a personalized outbound email to a prospect you were previously pursuing. If that brings them to your site, you might've just struck gold. Right place, right time, right person.

Why does it work?

There are a lot of reasons why prospects don't go with a certain product. It could be that they don't think it's the right solution for them, that your current decision maker is a champion of your competitor, or even they're locked into a contract with a different solution for another 6 months. These are all reasons that aren't permanent though. Maybe your product has evolved. Maybe that decision maker changes their mind or moves roles. Maybe that contract your prospect was in is up for renewal. Regardless of the reason, there's definitely value in "waking the dead" when in sales!

When should you use it? 

Because the Pipeline Cloud is connected to Salesforce, you have all of your Salesforce data at the ready. When you see a company has been your site a lot lately and you also see that they had a previous conversation 6 months ago ➡️ it's time to go after them again! Use this data to your advantage. You don't have to wait for them to come back to the site though, use the Qualified 1-2 Punch (shown in video) to get them back to you. Once they've arrived on the site, you can have a personalized greeting ready to go.

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