Pounce Like a Pro

Pounce Like a Pro


In this guide, learn how up level your pounces to be more personalized and engaging.

If you were a Sales Rep in a physical store, there are two ways that you can speak to a potential buyer. Either you wait for the person to come up and ask you a question OR you proactively walk up to someone and offer your help. At Qualified, we call proactively starting a conversation with a website visitor “Pouncing.”

There are some fundamental elements that you should know about pouncing before upping your game. If you haven’t already, check out Pouncing Fundamentals to learn who to pounce on, when to pounce, and how to have a conversation that started with a pounce. 

If you’ve already mastered the basics and you’re looking to level up and Pounce like a Pro.. Keep reading. 


  1. Have varied greetings and engagement tactics ready to go in your shortcuts. You’ll need to play around with your opening line to see what works. You know your brand- so try some things out!
  1. Research visitors that pop up and leave the site. So that when they return, you have the context you need. As much as you can, self service information. If you see someone visits your website and then leaves- be prepared when they come back. 
  1. Send a few messages for the initial pounce rather than just one. Be engaging and conversational. You wouldn’t send a novel to your friends when texting, so don’t do it on Qualified either.  


At Qualified, when we look at team performance we look at two metrics related to pouncing: number of pounces and numbers of pounce conversions (how many pounces got a reply.) 

If your number of pounces is high, but your pounce conversion rate is low you may need to shake up your pounce strategy. As a good rule of thumb, the amount of pounce conversations that you’re having with website visitors should be at least half of the total amount of conversations. For example, if between March 1 and March 31 you as a rep have 500 conversations with website visitors- at least 250 of those conversations should’ve started with a pounce vs. an inbound chat request.

Finally, always remember to personalize your pounces to the extent you can. We cover personalization tactics in the Pouncing Fundamentals guide on Qualified University. Get ready to be a pounce pro!

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