Sales Rep Setup Guide

Sales Rep Setup Guide


In this guide, learn how sales reps can set up their accounts and get started with Qualified.

Hi there and welcome to Qualified! In this guide, you can get set up as a Qualified user in under five minutes.

Questions? Chat with our technical support team by clicking the Qualified messenger below or by emailing us at

There are six key steps to getting started with Qualified. Be sure to complete each of them in order before you start pouncing on visitors or responding to inbound chats. The steps are:

  1. Fill out your profile
  2. Configure meeting settings
  3. Connect to Salesforce
  4. Enable notifications
  5. Download our desktop and mobile apps
  6. Learn more

1. Fill Out Your Profile

To get started, you'll want to click the link you received from and set your password. Can't find this email? Reach out to our technical support team or your dedicated Qualified Success Architect.

An example of the invite link from

First, create your new Qualified account. Find the email from and click Join Now or open the Qualified app from your SSO provider to log in.

Once logged in to your new account, click the Settings icon in the bottom-left corner. Share who you are by completing all fields:

Be sure to add your profile picture, job title, phone number and time zone.

When you chat with website visitors, they’ll see:

  • Profile Picture (use a JPG or PNG file)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Job Title

These other profile settings are essential for Qualified to work properly but are not visible to visitors:

  • Phone number: Enter your work phone number, including any extension, so Qualified can forward visitor calls to your preferred phone. (If your team uses Qualified voice and video, this field is not present.)
  • Your Local Time Zone: Select your time zone so Qualified books meetings at the correct time.

When you've completed your profile set up, don't forget to click save:

Click save in the top righthand corner.

2. Configure Meeting Settings

Qualified’s meeting booker takes the hassle out of scheduling prospect meetings. Fine-tune your calendar and meeting settings so Qualified automatically schedules and sends calendar invites.

Connect Your Calendar

Next and perhaps one of the most important steps to meeting with website visitors is connecting your calendar. Connect your calendar to Qualified by navigating Settings > Calendar, and then select which calendar type you use internally at your company. You'll then sign in and authorize Qualified to connect with your individual calendar.

Questions? Check out our articles about Google Calendar or Microsoft Calendar.

It's critical to connect your calendar so that Qualified can book meetings for you.

Add Your Personal Meeting Invite Link

Once you've connected your calendar you'll notice a section labeled Confirmation Email. The confirmation email is sent out to your visitors after they book a meeting on your calendar.

But when it comes time for the meeting, how will they connect with you?

You'll need to add those details into the confirmation email right where it says [PASTE YOUR MEETING LINK HERE], as shown below.

We highly recommend using a Zoom Personal Meeting link or a permanent Microsoft Teams or Google Calendar link. Adding a link to a meeting booker tool such as Calendly or Chili Piper will result in a confusing experience for your prospects as they'll select an available time via Qualified and then receive an invite with...a link to book another meeting!

Your visitors will need a link to join your meeting! Be sure to add your Personal Meeting Invite link here.

To find this link in Zoom:

  1. Within the Zoom App, go to Settings -> View Advanced Features.
  2. Click Meetings -> Personal Room.
  3. Copy your invite link and paste the URL (including any potential passwords) into the confirmation email template.
In Zoom, you can find your Personal Meeting ID by navigating to "View Advanced Features".
Your Personal Meeting Room link will be available after clicking the Meetings tab.

Looking to use a Google Meet Link instead of Zoom?

  1. Create an event in Google Calendar and add a Google Meet link.
  2. Set custom recurring recent (add it to any day or time as a placeholder, for now)
  3. Set the event to repeat 1x per month.
  4. Select "Never" for an ending date.
  5. Save the event.
  6. Copy the meeting link from the events and add this URL in place of [PASTE YOUR MEETING LINK HERE].
  7. For visual reference: visit our Sales Rep Set Up article to see exactly what this should look like.

Looking to use a Microsoft Teams Link instead of Zoom?

  1. Click Calendar from the left.
  2. Click Meet Now.
  3. From the pop-up that appears, click Get a link to share.
  4. Copy the meeting link from the events and add this URL in place of [PASTE YOUR MEETING LINK HERE].
  5. For visual reference: visit our Sales Rep Set Up article to see exactly what this should look like.

Customize Your Calendar Settings

Adjust these schedule and meeting time preferences from SettingsCalendar:

  • Set your availability: The weekly time period that Qualified is allowed to schedule events, such as weekdays between 8:00 am-4:00 pm.
  • Minimum meeting notice: The amount of time between when a website visitor requests a meeting and the first schedule opening offered. If a visitor is shown the meeting booker at 1:00 pm and the Minimum meeting notice is 30 minutes, for example, the next available meeting offered will be 1:30 pm.
  • Buffer between meetings: The minimum time you want between back-to-back meetings. Grant yourself time for a quick break between calls to grab water or stretch.

As you get started with Qualified, we recommend keeping the defaults as-is for Minimum meeting notice (30 minutes) and Buffer between meetings (5 minutes). With a wide-open calendar, it’s easier to book more prospect meetings.

Psst! Qualified will schedule meetings based on your account’s time zone. Make sure it’s accurate from SettingsYour Local Time Zone.

Be sure to configure your availability, minimum meeting notice and meeting buffer.

3. Connect to Salesforce

Next, connect Salesforce to ensure that Qualified is syncing data and creating Leads on your behalf. Navigate to Settings > Salesforce > Connection in your account on the left hand side of your screen, and click the blue "Connect to Salesforce" button. Login using your regular Salesforce credentials.

Connect to Salesforce using your standard Salesforce credentials.

Note: If your team has a custom Salesforce domain, click Use Custom Domain and then Continue:

4. Enable Notifications

Qualified enables you to speak with buyers at the most opportune time: when you’re top of mind and they’re already on your website. Turn on in-app notifications so you’re alerted immediately when a visitor is routed to you.

If you use Qualified in a browser rather than the Qualified application, by default your browser might be set to block all notifications from websites (including Qualified.) You'll want to enable these to ensure you get alerted that a visitor has been routed to you. In Chrome and other browsers, you can click on the lock icon in the URL bar to make sure you have notifications allowed.

Allow browser notifications for alerts.

Choose Default Sound

You may also customize notifications to help you better respond to website visitors.

To enable sound alerts:

  1. Click the Settings icon.
  2. Click Notifications.
  3. Select a Default Notification Sound from the drop-down menu.
  4. (Optional) Click the Desktop icons and Mobile icons to control where alerts are sent per visitor stream. (The Waiting for Rep stream cannot be deactivated.)
Customize your in app alert sounds.

TIP! Select a unique Notification Sound per visitor stream to customize your personal app alert preferences. (These preferences don’t change alerts your Qualified admin created for Slack or Microsoft Teams.)

5. Download Our Desktop & Mobile Apps

Download Qualified Mobile from the Apple App Store or Google Play store to never miss a visitor. With our app, receive visitor push notifications, chat on the go, and more.

Finally, install the Qualified desktop app:

  1. Download the most recent version for Mac OS (163MB) or Windows (119 MB).
  2. Click Sign In from the desktop app while still logged in to Qualified in your browser.
  3. Click Authorize on the confirmation page that opens in your default browser.

For more noticeable visitor alerts, add the Qualified app to your desktop dock.

6. Learn More 🚀

And that's it—you're all set in Qualified!

Level up your live chat skills to engage VIP visitors as soon as they’re on your website. Complete our Qualified Sales Rep certification, watch the 1-2 Punch Masterclass, and check out University articles for more impactful visitor conversations and, ultimately, close more sales.

Questions? Let us know by chatting with us below!👇

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