Segment Building Best Practices

Segment Building Best Practices


In this guide, learn about best practice segments and live streams to create as part of implementing Qualified Conversations.

Qualified segments provide an easy way to understand the different groups of visitors that arrive on your website. That said, it can be hard to know what segments (and associated live streams) to build. Each company has different segments tied directly to their go-to-market practices and our Qualified Success Architect team is standing by and able to advise on potential options.

That said, we’ve seen a number of segments across our customer base that we consider to be best practice. In particular, we recommend creating segments for four categories of website visitors:

  • Target accounts
  • Open pipeline
  • Paid advertising
  • High intent pages

For companies with an ABM motion or using a target account strategy, knowing the accounts that you most want to target can be incredibly powerful. Separating these accounts from others and configuring alerts and notifications when they arrive on the site can be invaluable in ensuring you reach them.

Open pipeline is also a very common segment request. Those open opportunities that you’re trying to close? Why not provide them with a bespoke experience? Ensure your sales reps pounce on them and ask if they’d like to be connected to their Account Executive. Play your card right and they might move into your current customer segment!

Many customers choose to create a segment based on their paid advertising. Arriving from a paid ad campaign indicates a level of potential buyer intent – but potentially more top-of-funnel. These visitors may be less likely to make a purchase right now, but knowing who they are can provide a great opportunity for your sales reps to pounce and provide more information about your brand and products.

Finally, we always recommend creating a segment for high intent pages. During implementation, your Qualified Success Architect will meet to discuss your golden pages – those pages that are most likely to convert, whether it’s your pricing, product, contact us, or demo page. These pages indicate high intent and the segment can be used to trigger a specific bespoke experience.

Regardless of what segments you choose, they should be 100% aligned with how you go-to-market as a company. As you configure segments, associate them with Live Streams and attach colors to them (more on this in Qualified University!) - ensure that your highest priority live streams are in bright colors like red or green and on the far left, so they’re easily prioritized by your sales team.

Curious about other potential segment options? Here are a few more that might spark more ideas:

  • Closed/Lost Opportunities
  • Known Person (matches a record in Salesforce or HubSpot)
  • Paid Advertising (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Homepage or Catch-All (any other page on the website)

Some segments to create, but that you might not necessarily prioritize for live chat could be:

  • Existing Customers
  • Competitors
  • Internal Employees

Segments can be created by many different visitor data points, either those revealed when they arrive on your site or as they interact with a Qualified chatbot experience. Some potential figures include:

  • Salesforce Field Information
  • Qualified Visitor 360 Fields
  • Target Account Lists
  • Marketing Automation Fields (Pardot, Marketo, etc.)
  • Visitor Location
  • Data Enrichment Information

Have more ideas for segments or want to connect with a Qualified Success Architect to discuss more? Chat with us below! 👇

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