Shortcuts and Alerts

Shortcuts and Alerts


In this guide, learn how to use personal and team shortcuts in Qualified as well as in-app, Slack or MS Teams alerts to discover new leads faster.

Let’s face it - as a sales representative, you’re busy. However, there are always ways to improve your efficiency and get closer to crushing quota every single month.

When it comes to “pouncing” on new leads, nothing will make your life as easy as using personal or team shortcuts in the Qualified App. To stay on top of website visitors, alerts are also critical in ensuring you’re ready for each and every qualified lead who wants to talk to you.

Essentially, shortcuts and alerts work to speed up the sales process. By cleverly using the right shortcut at the right time or ensuring your alerts are set up correctly, a web visitor can go from anonymous browsing to a lead with a booked meeting in a matter of minutes.

Creative shortcuts help you get the click

Creative shortcuts can be a life-changing feature for pouncing on potential leads. With shortcuts, a website visitor that may have been ready to continue on and browse elsewhere may have their interest piqued enough to stay and continue the conversation.

So, what exactly are shortcuts? Shortcuts are a feature in the Qualified app to cut down rep typing time when talking to prospects. They are pre-canned messages that you can use to initiate conversations with your website visitors or answer some commonly asked questions.

Simply click the “shortcuts” icon in the bottom left corner of your screen to view your options. You’ll see any team shortcuts created by your team admin as well as any shortcuts you’ve configured yourself in the Qualified app. You can also begin your message to a potential prospect by typing the slash icon (“/”) and your list of personal shortcut messages will pop up.

Wondering how to create your own personal shortcuts? The steps are super easy and it’ll save you time building up that personal rapport with your web visitors in the long run! Click the gear icon in the bottom left of the Qualified app and click “Shortcuts”.

My Shortcuts are your personal greetings that you’ve created for your sales interactions - ones only you have access to. Org Shortcuts are ones created by your team administrators that all sales representatives have access to. These shortcuts are typically ones that have been designed based on your company’s brand and target audience, so if you’re creating your own personal shortcuts, make sure to keep those key factors in mind.

Now, let’s talk alerts

Alerts can be a super powerful part of the sales and marketing process - essentially, they let you know when there is a potential lead on your site that you might be able to pounce on.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your Qualified tab is always open during working hours, so you can make sure you are getting alerted with sounds when someone is on your site and might be interested in further pursuing your brand. If you use Slack, it is also a good rule of thumb to make sure you understand how Slack alerts are configured, in order to make sure you are receiving those, as well.

Curious why you aren't seeing visitors on the site? You only see visitors that are routed to you; Qualified is smart enough to know who you should see and route them to you. This has been custom configured to your team. If you still aren’t receiving alerts and you know you’ve had recent website traffic, make sure your Notification sounds are enabled. Sometimes, you may click on an alert and by the time you've gotten to the website, the visitor has already left- rats! But, alas, not all is lost. This information helps you know who's been checking you out- might be time to put that visitor in an outbound sequence. Once they come back, you'll be ready for a great, personalized conversation.

Simply select the Profile Icon in the bottom left corner of Qualified and ensure Alert Sounds is enabled. Make sure to also select the lock icon in the URL, in order to solidify access to your alerts.

At Qualified, we’re here to help you crush your quotas and help more viable leads recognize your brand. Follow along for more tips and tricks!

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us using the Qualified app on this page or reach out to the Qualified technical support team.

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