Shortcuts to Get You Started

Shortcuts to Get You Started


In this guide, get some ideas for shortcuts that everyone needs to get started with chatting in Qualified.

Shortcuts are a key feature in Qualified that our power users use in almost every conversation they have. Shortcuts can help you be quick so you reply to website visitors as soon as possible and they can help you be consistent with messaging around a certain topic like how do you compare with “X” competitor.

When you’re trying to pounce on visitors at exactly the right moment with exactly the right context, or reply to inbound chat requests as quickly as possible you’ll need a few of your own shortcuts in your back pocket. Qualified experts say to have at least 3 or 4 greetings on hand, not just one. So you can try some of these: 

Use your name and location to form that personal connection

"Hey this is Brittney from Atlanta! Go Braves! "⚾️

Call out the day of the week or upcoming local holiday

"Happy Friday! We made it! 🎉 Short weeks are tough - hope you had a great long weekend last week!"

Use customer testimonials to give a glimpse of potential results

"Did you know that Qualified has helped ThoughtSpot get 10X more conversations with target accounts? 🤯 We could help your team get crazy good results too! Let's chat!"

You can create more shortcuts or edit your existing shortcuts any time. Create a new shortcut by navigating to settings and then clicking the “+” to add a shortcut. Type out your shortcut and give it an easily searchable name- click save and there you go, you’ve got your shortcuts set up and ready to use.

For questions you may get around “how do you compare to X competitor or can you help me understand what’s included in this plan you offer” you may elect to have your admin set up some Org shortcuts. Similar to how every user can add their own personalized shortcuts, Qualified admins can create shortcuts for the whole team to use. 

There you have it - some shortcuts to get you going. Don’t set these up and forget, keep them fresh and up to date. They may just be your secret weapon. 

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