Turning An Anonymous Visitor Into a Best Friend

Turning An Anonymous Visitor Into a Best Friend


In this guide, learn how you can turn anonymous buyers into your best friends by delivering a personalized pounce and confirming next steps.

Qualified gives you all the right context for prospects who exist in one of your integrated systems- like Salesforce, Outreach, and more!

But what happens when an Unknown Visitor comes in? Cue up all of those Digital Body Language reading skills and tap into your inner investigator 🕵️ Let’s go!


Unknown Visitor “A” is on the site, and scrolling through a high intent page like pricing. “A” has been on the site for 3 minutes now and is scrolling around, checking out the Enterprise package and sees that pricing is custom. Now is your perfect time! You don’t know much about “A”, but you DO know they’re interested in pricing.

There are four things to keep in mind when thinking about how to engage with an anonymous visitor..

  1. Be human! You’re greatest superpower is that you’re you! (wow, put that on a post it note and get it on the mirror ASAP, right!?) 
  2. Be on time! We wanted to let visitor “A” get a chance to read the site. Think about selling in a physical store.. you wouldn’t greet visitors at the door with a “Any questions??!”- they don’t know yet. Give them a min.
  3. Be quick! Check out how we sent 2 separate messages. These are hard to ignore when they pop up and it seems more conversational. 
  4. Be catchy! See how we ended with a question? It’s feeling more and more conversational and ending in questions compels a reply from a visitor. 


Because of your personalized and right on time messages, Visitor “A” responds!

Now you have the perfect opportunity to learn more about “Visitor A”

Let's see how visitor "A" responds..

Wow- we just took an unknown visitor and converted them to a potential qualified lead.. Just by being conversational! Let’s say that Adam’s business is an ideal customer for your product- that's great. Either way, you'll want to get that visitor into Salesforce!

Now we have added Adam to Salesforce so we can track his journey in our sales funnel and we’re speaking again later today. We’ve just turned this anonymous visitor into a best friend!

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