Play: Up-leveling your Humanness with your job title

Play: Up-leveling your Humanness with your job title


In this play, learn how to creatively use job title in Qualified to drive visitor engagement.

What is it? 

Qualified Sales Rep Feh changed her “job title” over to “Give me a 😂 for a joke!” Since name and job title are shown to prospects when you chat - this is something prospects can see! 

Why does it work?

Sometimes to see that you’re dealing with a real human, you need a little laughter! By changing her profile to include a call to action, Feh had people starting conversations with her to hear a joke and realized she was human. From there, the conversation carried on.

When should you use it? 

We always want reps to be engaging - but also on brand. If your company, for example, sells medical equipment, it may not be appropriate to throw in jokes. You’ll have to work with your Marketing team to understand if this type of play vibes with your brand. 

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