Using the Boomerang

Using the Boomerang


Learn how to use the Boomerang to catch buyers from closed/lost opportunities and revive sales conversations in real time.

Sales is not for the faint of heart. As a critical piece of the revenue engine, it can be full of highs and lows; even the most seasoned sellers lose a deal every so often. But just because a deal is lost, doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. Whether it’s buyer’s remorse or renewed interest, your sales reps should know when a closed/lost account is back on the site so they can jump in and deliver a supreme buying experience.

With the Boomerang, you can trigger a Qualified Experience that greets known buyers from a closed/lost Opportunity on the site. Then, instantly alert the account owner so they can engage them in a real-time conversation that references the previous sales cycle, provides helpful resources, and restarts the conversation. This is the buying experience that will blow away the competition and help your sales reps crush their quota.

But how do I build this?

First, create an experience with a trigger focused on Opportunities whose stage is "Closed Lost" (or your businesses stage naming convention).

Once configured, build a custom experience referencing the fact that this visitor may have engaged with your team in the past, but that it might now be time to re-engage. You'll want to ensure you have alerts configured in the Experience Builder to ensure your sales reps are aware that this visitor is "boomerang-ing" back and should receive a custom pounce. You'll also want to ensure you have a number of shortcuts built so your reps can provide them helpful resources that restart the conversation.

And then, you're off! That's the Boomerang!

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