Website Traffic Patterns and Volume

Website Traffic Patterns and Volume


In this guide, you can get an understanding of how to appropriately allocate sales reps to "cover" the console based on web traffic data.

As you implement Qualified, you’re probably wondering: when should my sales reps sign into the tool and when should I expect the most activity on my website?

While you may already have a general idea of this information through Google Analytics, the purposes of the Website Traffic Patterns and Volume features through Qualified are two-fold:

  1. Understanding when your visitors are most likely to want to chat.
  2. Understanding when the best times will be for your sales reps to pounce on potential VIP visitors.

Qualified Dashboards help you see traffic patterns of your web visitors

The segments, routing and experiences built in Qualified can be custom designed so that your sales reps will only see or receive alerts for visitors that you want to talk to, and who want to talk to you.

The lines between “inbound” from the website and “outbound” from emails and cold calls have blurred. On average, you can expect that out of your everyday web traffic, 5-10% of visitors will engage through the Qualified messenger (including a chatbot experience), 3-5% will interact via live chat with a human sales rep, and 1-3% will book a meeting with a rep.

With this information, you’ll be able to set goals for your team around your projected amount of inbound traffic per day. Initial response time (IRT) is the key metric that leads to conversion, and SDRs universally report that Live Chat is their highest performing channel; so you’ll want to use pouncing to help your reps get more live chats and convert more visitors.

Sales Reps should pounce on 8-10% of all visitors

Pouncing refers to proactively initiating an outbound chat conversation with website visitors that are not engaging with you, but are visitors that you want to talk to.

Remember, it’s likely many visitors won’t reply - but that’s okay! Your sales reps may feel like they’re chatting and never receiving responses, but it all comes down to how creative you’re being with your pounces.

So, make sure to encourage your team to use strong call to action language and personalize each pounce (for example - Hi there! Saw you’re in San Francisco - how’s the fog out there today?).

At Qualified, we want to Deliver a VIP Brand Experience for all visitors coming inbound to our website

What does this mean? It means we’re super responsive, provide high-quality conversations with our visitors, and build long-lasting relationships with our VIP buyers.

We expect our sales reps to respond to inbound chats in under 20 seconds during business hours, pounce hundreds of times in a month, and have at least 8% of those pounces turn into real human conversations. We highly recommend setting goals like these at your company once you launch Qualified.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us using the Qualified app on this page or reach out to the Qualified technical support team.

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