What is Conversational ABM?

What is Conversational ABM?


In this guide, learn about conversational account-based marketing and how it can help your buyers get answers faster.


Conversational Account-Based Marketing is a marketing strategy where you allow target prospects to have instant, live conversations on their terms with knowledgeable salespeople right on your website. It collapses what’s otherwise a long and convoluted buying journey full of forms, emails, back-and-forths, and calendar invites, into a chat window. With conversational ABM, prospects can get immediate answers.

Why would prospects want to chat? Because today’s buying journeys have become immensely difficult. Buying committees are typically comprised of 6-10 people in today's world. Per Gartner, 77% of B2B buyers ranked their latest purchase experience as "complex or difficult." Buyers have to navigate each vendor’s unique process, and if each vendor’s value propositions feel similar, as many do, those buyers struggle to understand the differences. Many simply want quick and honest answers as questions arise.

Conversational marketing allows you to provide those answers. Rather than expect the buyer to dig up your sales rep’s email signature or find and complete a contact form, they can simply visit your website and instantly speak with the right person. That salesperson can answer their chat, initiate a voice call right from the website, and be their guide.

It’s a simple way to become a friendlier, more reliable source of answers than your competition, which is especially important if you’re driving heavy paid traffic to your site. Every visitor can now chat directly with sales and potentially skip ahead in the funnel.

Conversational ABM won’t convert every prospect every time. But across multiple touchpoints with an account and across your ABM program, it can have a serious impact on your web conversion rates and website-influenced pipeline and revenue.

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