What Should You Consider as You Think Staffing?

What Should You Consider as You Think Staffing?


In this beginner's guide, learn a little bit about what you'll need to consider as you map out your plan to staff Qualified.

Staffing chat isn't as easy as just making sure reps are on during high-traffic times. There’s more strategy to it and several factors that play into creating the staffing strategy that’s best for YOUR company. Let’s explore some possible staffing models and what to consider when selecting the model that's best for your team. 

The Stacked Model 

When Qualified first started, we went with a stack model where there was one rep for each shift. However, we noticed there’s often a single point of failure. If Rep A gets wrapped up in an engaging conversation and or suddenly gets a knock at their door, they would miss an inbound chat or an opportunity to pounce on a VIP visitor.

The Staggered Model 

By staggering reps, you reduce those points of failure because they are able to step in when other reps are busy. This also allows for more collaboration among reps and fosters that winning as a team mentality that’s so important in conversational sales.

The Buddy System Model 

We have also experimented with a buddy system model where reps fully overlap for shifts. This model furthers the collaboration and winning as a team mentality. These reps can be true thought partners as they engage with website visitors. Some of our reps even sit on Zoom with each other so they can easily discuss best practices in real-time. Teamwork makes the dream work… isn’t that what they say?

The Role-Specialized Buddy System 

Based on what we’ve learned, Qualified has moved to a role specialization model where inbound reps primarily focus on chatting on the Qualified platform, while outbound reps spend their time on sales outreach platforms sending personalized outreach to prospects. In this model, we stagger ISR and OSR to cover all time zones and overlap to forest that sense of collaboration and winning as a team.

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