Who Does What? Defining the Roles on Your Team

Who Does What? Defining the Roles on Your Team


In this guide, learn about our different roles within our sales development team and why they work well with Qualified.

If your website is your new phone, you need to take an "always on" approach to ensure there's always someone there to pick up when you hear that ring.

But what does this look like for your team? At Qualified, we lean heavily on our tools and have gone through several team structure iterations to identify the most effective selling method.

Like many sales teams, we started by having ALL reps do everything. They were managing chats, pouncing on leads, prospecting, researching… you name, they did it! 

However, we soon realized that's A LOT to ask of one person, and it's certainly too much for one person to be always on the platform AND always focused on providing VIP visitors with a personalized experience. So we used what we learned to inform a new structure: specialization.  

Due to overtaxed sales reps, Qualified transitioned from a hybrid model to a specialized model, separating sales reps' roles and responsibilities into inbound and outbound reps.

Inbound Reps (ISR)

Inbound Reps or ISRs live primarily on the Qualified platform and focus on ensuring every website visitor has a great experience. What does that look like?

Inbound Chats

ISRs should answer all inbound chats promptly! Time is critical in this situation. Because think about it, if you call someone and it rings for more than 10 seconds, you probably hang up. The same goes for a chat!  

As a sales manager, it's critical to help your sales reps see chat as the new phone. They need to be ready to answer those chats within seconds to show visitors your team cares about providing the real-time interaction we know buyers crave.


ISRs should also be pouncing on website visitors who fit into your company's ideal customer profile (ICP) by using the information in Qualified to craft personalized messages that grab their attention.  

Outbound Reps

Outbound reps spend significant time in tools like Outreach, Groove, and Salesloft, sending personalized outbound messages and driving prospects to your site. When prospects click the links in outbound emails and land on your site, outbound reps are alerted and ready with personalized pounces in Qualified.

But our reps don't work in complete isolation...because teamwork makes the dream work, right?! 

Check out our Working as a Team guide to learn how to facilitate this teamwork with your team!

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