Admin Post Go Live

Admin: Post Go Live

This trail map contains resources to answer your most burning questions, highlight best practices, and guide you through optimizing Qualified for your company.

Your guide to optimization

Introduction to Admin Post Go Live Trail Map

Congratulations on going live with Qualified, but don't stop now! To keep the momentum going, follow the steps in the trail map below to optimize and expand Qualified for your company.
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Qualified Foundations

Qualified Foundations

As a Qualified Admin it's critical you have strong foundational knowledge of the platform's key features, so you can set your team up for success. Below are a list of common foundational questions, along with aligned resources to guide you.

An Experience is what visitors see on your site when Qualified Messenger appears and as they continue to interact with the Qualified app. Experiences allow you to better understand your website visitors and create personalized website journeys to meet their needs.


Routing rules use visitor information like location, company size, and existing relationships to define how website visitors get routed to specific reps and how Qualified functions based on rep availability. Routing rules are triggered within Experiences and play a critical role in ensuring website visitors are connected with the right reps who can have the most meaningful conversations. 

Routing Criteria
Routing to Reps
Routing in Experiences

Segments group your visitors into buckets according to your company’s predefined criteria. Use segments to power Live Streams and routing to enable your reps to easily engage with VIP visitors on your website.

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Optimizing Plays

Now that you have a solid understanding of experiences, you can take your Qualified to the next level by running key plays to help you maximize pipeline more efficiently.
  • Support Deflection: You don’t need your sales teams speaking with these customers looking for support, but you want to ensure they get what they need.
  • Pricing Page Expert: Meet high-intent buyers on your pricing page during that critical point in their buying journey.
  • 1-2 Punch for Sales: Greet outbound prospects the moment they click through an email and arrive on the site.
  • Trifecta for Sales: Focus your outbounding efforts on high-intent accounts then engage prospects on the site in real time.
  • Trifecta for Marketing: Target high-intent accounts with ads that drive buyers back to your site for real-time conversations.

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Activating the Pipeline Cloud

Activating the Pipeline Cloud

After launching and optimizing your conversations program, you can begin to focus on tactics that drive even more pipeline for your team by activating other parts of the Pipeline Cloud. Qualified for Outbound, Qualified for Advertising, and Qualified Signals Advanced give a power boost to your pipeline strategy and enhance your Conversations program even further.

Qualified for Outbound connects Qualified with your sales engagement platform (Outreach or Salesloft). Once connected, sequence activity will flow into Qualified allowing your reps in Qualified to have more personalized conversations with website visitors who arrive on the website as a result of a sequence click-through.

Qualified for Advertising connects Qualified with your paid ad mediums, like LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads. Once connected, ad activity will flow into Qualified allowing your reps in Qualified to have more personalized conversation with website visitors who arrive on your website as a result of an ad click-through.

Qualified for Signals advanced sends 1st party and 3rd party intent data to Salesforce. The Signals intent data that is already integrated into your Conversational strategy will now be in the hands of your entire sales team in the system that they use day-to-day for their outbound motion.

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Assessing Success & Measuring ROI

Assessing Success & Measuring ROI

Once you're up and have made strides to optimize Qualified for your company, it's important to understand what's working, what's not and ultimately, calculating your return on investment.

You want to continuously assess your experiences to ensure you are optimizing the Qualified platform. A/B testing allows you to test two different experiences simultaneously to take the guesswork out of setting up your experiences for your visitors.

Qualified reports work as a database of your website traffic, helping you and your sales reps to see a full picture of your website traffic and your hottest leads. Your sales reps can use reports to view who has been on the site recently, view which meetings have been booked, and check to make sure outbound campaigns are successful.

The Qualified Dashboard breaks down your website traffic and displays how those visitors interacted with Qualified during their sessions. Within the Qualified Dashboard, review your sales team's availability, which reps interact with the most visitors, and which reps create the most leads.