AppExchange Trail Map

This trail map contains resources to answer your most burning questions, highlight best practices and guide you through optimzing AppExchange Chat to connect you with prospects in real-time right on your AppExchange listings.


Congratulations, you’re live with chat on your listing! To keep the momentum going, follow the steps in the trail map below to set your team up for success, assess your success and ultimately optimize and expand Qualified for your company.
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Introduction & Technical Set Up

Introduction & Technical Set Up

AppExchange Chat allows you to connect live with real people on your listings and ultimately convert more leads. Before we dive into best practies, be sure you’ve completed the technical set up process outlines in the resources below.  

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Preparing Your Team

Preparing Your Team

The key to success with a new sales tool is building a strong foundation, and we’re here to help you do just that! Below are common questions, best practices, and considerations to help you structure your team, drive rep engagement and develop your reps’ chatting skills to ensure success with AppExchange Chat.

Structuring Your Team for Success 

Driving Rep Engagement

How do I keep reps engaged with sporadic traffic on our listings?

Developing Reps' Chatting Skills 

What resources can I provide my sales rep to learn more about pouncing best practices? 

How can I help reps be efficient when pouncing? 

We highly recommend requiring all reps to complete the Sales Rep Certification on Qualified University to learn more about pouncing, shorts cuts and much more!

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Assessing Success

Assessing Success

You’re all set up, and your reps are chatting; now let’s see how things are performing! Metrics are great enablers for your team to stay on top of conversations and meetings, as well as WHO is on your listings. Below we’ll explore ways you can keep on track from your weekly KPI 1:1’s to full Executive and Revenue reviews!

Reports and Dashboards 

A/B Testing 

When A/B testing, think through testing some of the following: 

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Optimizing for the Future

Optimizing for the Future

You are on a roll! You have mastered the experience builder, added some GIF’s and your engagement is on fire. You have created a testing and refresh process built into your quarterly process. So what‘s next? You have just scratched the surface. Below are resources and best practices to help you take The Pipeline Cloud the next level.

Introduction to Power Boost 

Time to activate those Power Boosts of The Pipeline Cloud! Diversifying your listings’ engagement, drive more traffic and measure effectiveness with, Qualified for Advertisements, Qualified for Outbound, and G2 Clickthrough.

Taking Your Power Boost to the Next Level

Understanding WHO is on your listings allows you to report, and act and notify your sales team.  After picking which powerboosts you want to activate, create segments and Streams to support Ads, Outbound and G2 Traffic.

Expand and Optimize Your Power Boost

You have all the tools you need for success. The last few tips bring us full circle. Use the following best practices to optimize your powerboosts!

  • Create Bespoke Experiences to extend the digital story of your Ads
  • Drive traffic to Lists from personal Ads and AMP | Banners
  • Tailor Outbound Efforts to your listings and create bespoke experiences relevant to your audience
  • Optimize Pouncing on Ad clicks and Outbound email Clicks