Building Experiences for Your Marketing Campaigns

How do we determine if a prospect is qualified? This is a common question every demand gen team asks. While there are many ways a visitor can be qualified, typically anyone coming in from one of your top marketing campaigns is qualified to chat with your sales team and should receive a unique experience. 

In this article we’ll walk through how to use your marketing campaigns as criteria to trigger unique experiences and alert your sales team in real-time‍.

Getting Started

To create unique experiences and alerts for each of the marketing campaigns, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Experiences
  2. Create a new experience
  3. Select your filters at the top of the page
  4. Add your UTM or marketing campaign parameters as a parameter within the trigger as shown in the examples below.
When building campaign specific experiences, consider adding a relevant greeting to increase engagement with your call to action. Similarly, since these visitors will often be qualified, prioritize routing them to your team quickly rather than asking your normal set of qualifying questions.

Google Adwords

Search marketing is one of the most widely used and valuable sources of qualified traffic for demand gen marketers. While you don’t consider everyone who enters your website from Google a VIP visitor, those who have clicked on your keywords might be. Use your UTM parameters as a trigger to alert your sales team or offer up a specific experience for these visitors using those same keywords. For paid clicks, consider alerting your reps that a visitor came in through that campaign. You’ve already spent money getting them to your site and there’s no better time to pounce.


Creating an experience for Google Adwords visitors.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media is a great advertising channel for demand gen marketers because of its extreme targeting ability. When bringing visitors to your site through a social media campaign, use the Campaign ID attached to each marketing campaign to trigger a specific experience for this audience and alert your sales team when these visitors arrive on site.

Creating an experience for social media advertising campaigns.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are unique from other types of web-marketing because you already know information about the recipients, such as their name and email address. As a result, email campaigns can be targeted at qualified people who work at qualified accounts. Any clicks from these emails that land on the website are known to be qualified prospects and can be directed to experiences that fast track them to your sales team.

Creating an experience for visitors coming from outreach emails.

Salesforce Campaign Members

If you have current campaigns being tracked in Salesforce, you can also trigger experiences from Qualified based on the Salesforce Campaign and the Campaign Member status. With this option, any known visitor with a corresponding record in your Salesforce instance can be shown specific experiences based on their related Campaign information.

Creating an experience for Salesforce campaign members


All online marketing campaigns contain a basic form of tracking. Your online ads embed a tracking code in the URL of the ad that can be used in real-time to know exactly where the visitor came from and the detail of the specific campaign (location, creative, keyword, etc) that the prospects responded to. Any URL parameters used for campaign tracking can be used to set up unique experiences and alert your sales reps to those high value visitors. When connected to Salesforce, experiences can also be triggered based on a visitor's Campaign membership and status.

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