Play: Enhance Your Cold Call with a Website Tour

Play: Enhance Your Cold Call with a Website Tour


In this play, learn how to accompany your cold call with a visual- your website!

What is it? 

While we believe that live chatting on your website is truly the epicenter of untapped potential for pipeline generation - we know you're also outbounding prospects with emails, LinkedIn messages, phone calls, etc. When you're talking on the phone and you find yourself wishing you had a visual reference  ➡️ have your prospect hop on the site while you're on the call!

Why does it work?

As we all remember from grade school, people learn in different ways. Some people just need visuals to make sense of it all. When prospects engage with us via phone and have questions, we DO have a visual we can use - our website!

Qualified QSR Chris needed to show a prospect something while on a call so he asked the prospect to jump on the website. Once on the prospect arrived on the site, Chris clicked into the visitor card and saw everything his prospect was seeing. For the prospect, it was less of a commitment than hopping on a meeting and for Chris, all of the info he needed was easy to walk through!

When should you use it? 

Whenever you call a prospect and they begin to engage with you, ask if they can jump on the site to walk them through their questions! It's a frictionless process that can be used with any prospect who engages with a Sales Rep and will take your voice pitch to the next level.

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