Play: The Pricing Page Pounce

Play: The Pricing Page Pounce


In this play, learn why it's crucial to pounce on visitors on the pricing page.

What is it? 

You can pounce on visitors on the pricing page and specifically reference that page. This is a level of personalization that comes across really well. After all, it's your website so most people would expect you to know the page they're on!

Why does it work?

Your pricing page is a high intent page. Folks looking into pricing may already have determined that your product is a fit for their company - they just want to see if they can make it work!

When should you use it? 

When folks are showing high intent to buy on your site, this is a prime time to pounce. Don't forget to make sure you have some shortcuts ready to go to answer any tricky questions. If your pricing is highly variable, make sure you have questions at the ready to help get you or someone from your team the right baseline info to help begin crafting a pricing range.

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