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This trail map contains resources to answer your most burning questions, highlight best practices, and guide you through analyzing data and proving ROI with Qualified.


Introduction to Measuring ROI

Congratulations on all the work you’ve done with Qualified! Now, it’s time to measure success and examine how your hard work is driving your business objectives and generating pipeline.
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Introduction to Salesforce Analytics

Introduction to Salesforce Analytics

While we can report on ROI data out of Qualified, Salesforce is your single source of truth for sales data, so you can get more robust data by leveraging Salesforce reports and dashboards.

Salesforce Campaign Basics

Before getting started with reporting in Salesforce, it’s important to have a strong understanding of key terminology, the most important being “Campaigns.” Campaigns play a critical role in your ability to assess Qualified’s impact on your sales and marketing efforts. 

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Building Salesforce ROI Reports & Dashboards

Building Salesforce ROI Reports & Dashboards

Now that you know more about Salesforce Campaigns, let’s explore a few different ways you can use Campaigns to create Salesforce reports and dashboards to help see the value and impact Qualified has on your sales and marketing tactics.

Option 1: Leverage the Qualified ROI Unmanaged Package 

Click here to access the unmanaged package 

The Qualified ROI unmanaged package includes custom fields, reports, flows, and a dashboard so you can analyze which Qualified conversations and meetings impacted your opportunities in Salesforce. 

By using this package, you can associates these type of Qualified activities with applicable opportunities and answer these questions via Salesforce reporting:

  • How many open opportunities have had a Qualified conversation and/or meeting? 
  • How many Qualified conversations and meetings does it take to help create an opportunity? 
  • How many Qualified conversations and meetings does it take to help win an opportunity? 
  • How much pipeline has Qualified sourced and/or influenced? 
  • How much revenue has Qualified sourced and/or influenced? 

*Note, you will have to customize the reports and dashboards in this package to meet your company’s unique needs. Reach out to your Qualified Success Architect if you need additional guidance on customization.

Option 2: Leverage the Qualified ROI Unmanaged Package 

Leverage Campaigns with Influenced Opportunities Reports using Attribution Models*

*This option will most likely require the help of your Qualified Success Architect. Please reach out to them for additional guidance.  

Salesforce Campaign Attribution & Influence

Salesforce campaign attribution is one of the best ways to assess the ROI of your marketing efforts and the channels you’re using to connect to leads, contacts, and prospects. Attribution models describe how each touchpoint (Campaign) is weighted (% influence) when associated with Opportunities. 

Marketers use campaign attribution to measure campaign influence, and allows you to show how your conversational marketing efforts in Qualified helped to influence your overall revenue.

Click here for a complete guide to enabling Campaign Influence

Option 3: Work with your Qualified Success Architect to develop reports and dashboards in Salesforce without Campaign Influence using Opportunity report type.

Note: The above content and resources are simply a guide to get you started on your ROI journey. Every company is unique, which means you'll most likely have unique needs when creating ROI reports and dashboards. Please reach out to your Qualified Success Architect for additional support.