The Content Lead Magnet

The Content Lead Magnet

The Content Lead Magnet

What is it: It's quite common for a company to have a piece of "Golden Content"; a guide, case study, or blog post that attracts a substantial amount of traffic to your site. The Content Lead Magnet Experience builds on the success of your Golden Content, and offers it to visitors in exchange for their email.

Where to use it: This can be done anywhere on the site, including your Homepage, Blog, or Resources page. Serve this bot-driven experience to unknown visitors to boost engagement, educate them about your space, and get them into a marketing nurture sequence.

Why do it: Looking to drive content leads for your team? The Content Lead Magnet is a great way to attract and capture unknown website visitors. Once you get them in the door, nurture these leads to move them through the funnel and into a sales cycle.

The business impact: You'll drive more eyeballs to your traffic, generate more interest in your company, and grow marketing leads for your business.

Building the Experience

We've broken down how to build The Content Lead Magnet in a few easy steps.

Key Takeaways

The Content Lead Magnet is a perfect tool to engage content-hungry visitors, especially visitors that are anonymous. Use this bot-driven experience to surface some meaningful content that you think will catch the eye of your ideal customer and capture more leads. You've spent time on creating that content, now, get it out there to the people!

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