How to

Drive More Pipeline by Pairing
 Salesforce with Conversational Sales and Marketing

Conversational sales and marketing has the power to be one of your top contributing pipeline channels. But it is most powerful when it is paired with your data source of truth - Salesforce. See how combining the two can transform the lead journey on your website.

Maximize Your Ad Spend

You spend a lot of time and money to drive prospects to your site.

But 85% of that traffic will be un-cookied and anonymous. So how do you know if your marketing efforts are driving the right traffic?

Anonymous Visitors

Conversational sales and marketing and Salesforce can automatically identify anonymous website visitors and match them to your Salesforce Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities.

Have More Conversations

Only 2% of anonymous visitors fill out forms. The other 98% bounce without you ever knowing who they are.

fill out forms

Surfacing Salesforce data in your conversational sales and marketing platform lets your reps strike up personalized conversations that on average engage 5-10% of website visitors.

Stop Relying on Form Fills

An average B2B form has

11 Fields

With just a business email address, conversational sales and marketing can reveal all the data your sales team needs and instantly push a Lead into Salesforce.

Drive Pipeline Faster

When a prospect expresses interest in your product, the average rep response time is

42 hours

The odds of converting a lead into an opportunity is


greater if you respond within

5 minutes

Conversational sales and marketing can get that response time down to seconds.

Never Miss a Lead

Interested prospects need to get to the right rep, and large sales organizations have complex routing rules.

Your Salesforce routing rules can be pushed right into your conversational sales and marketing platform to make sure the right rep is notified in real time to jump into a conversation.

Book More Meetings

On average it takes 4 back-and-forth emails to get a meeting on the calendar.

Conversational sales and marketing offers in-chat meeting bookers for easy scheduling. Plus, you can push the meeting information right into Salesforce as an Activity.

Give Prospects VIP Treatment

During an active deal, the buying committee will be frequently checking out your website.

By matching visitors to open Opportunities in Salesforce, you can roll out the red carpet to your open deals to make sure they get the VIP treatment.

Your prospects are so impressed by your personalized, customer-centric experience, the deal is closed in record time!

Time to go celebrate all that pipeline and revenue.