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This article was originally published in AppExchange Guides.

Current venture:Qualified
Industry focus: Communications, Manufacturing
Stage/funding: Series A
Previous ventures:GetFeedback (Sold to SurveyMonkey in 2019), Kieden (Sold to Salesforce in 2006)

About Qualified

Qualified is a conversational marketing platform that helps companies meet with VIPs in real time using live chat, chatbots, voice calls, and screen sharing. Qualified instantly alerts sales reps when high-value prospects land on their company site and gives them tools to engage in real-time conversations.

When you’re trying to build a business from scratch and you want to be a billion-dollar software company, the most important thing is establishing customer trust. — Kraig Swensrud

Consumers have been conditioned to expect things to happen fast, quickly, and in real time. B2B companies have to evolve to meet that bar because your buyers have that expectation. — Sean Whiteley

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