How Matterport closes deals 40% faster with Qualified

We sat down with Matterport to learn how they use Qualified to accelerate sales cycles.

Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
December 10, 2021
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We recently launched our newest customer story with Matterport, who’s been using Qualified to segment large volumes of website traffic and engage high-intent visitors. The result is closing sales deals 40% faster and increasing attributed revenue by 25% QoQ. This case study breaks down their conversational strategy as well as their challenges and key learnings.   

Behind their success is Beth Makosey, Web Marketing Director. Beth’s responsibility extends across Matterport’s web experiences, optimizing the content and functionality of the website to ensure it meets demand gen requirements as well as through e-commerce and how visitors interact with the brand online. She’s built a conversational program that’s created champions across the entire org, from SDRs to leadership. Tune in below to learn more. ⬇️

With a conversational program already underway, what problems were you seeing with your previous solution? 

We started the process looking for a solution that was more integrated with Salesforce and eliminated many of the manual processes we had so far. And one of the other issues was the fact that support inquiries were being directed to our sales team and had to be manually rerouted to our support team, which was a completely inefficient use of our sales team and also inhibited the user experience on our site. You know, when you're looking for tech support and you end up with a salesperson, you're not a happy customer. You want to go straight to get the information that you need. So it wasn't good for our customers, it wasn't good for our internal teams, and it also inhibited tracking. So we weren't able to identify where users were going and how it impacted our revenue streams.

When considering a new conversational solution, what were your primary objectives?

Our objective was to have a seamless experience with Salesforce so that it was fully integrated and we weren't managing independently so that there would be a single source of truth. The second thing was we wanted to accelerate the sales process by delivering the high value prospects to our sales team, instead of them just wading through everyone who was on our website to figure out what they needed or wanted. We wanted to make sure we made direct contact with our high-value target accounts [and make sure that they got the white glove treatment as soon as they landed on the site.] So it was not only eliminating the barriers from Salesforce to our target prospects but it's also accelerating that sales cycle for those individuals.

So why did you choose Qualified?

Things that we liked were the ability for our sales team to engage with visitors on the site directly. So not only having the ability to route chat to that individual, book meetings with the salesperson, but also to allow them to instantly engage with the key prospect on the site when they were on that page.

With such complex use cases, tell me more about your rollout process.

So initially, we rolled it out with a specific vertical, residential real estate, and we laid the experience on a Marketo landing page. So one page in English only. And this allowed us to iron out any of the kinks, make sure that leads were tracking properly, and to make sure that we were able to deflect support. In fact, even when we did it initially, we saw that there was still a large percentage of support inquiries hitting our sales team because people didn't know how to define things. So it enabled us to reach a point where we were maximizing deflecting the support inquiries and getting them to the right place and saw immediate relief from our sales team where they no longer had the manual processes, first of all. 

But secondly, we were getting the visitors routed appropriately before they had to talk to a salesperson; which is everything to them. But then what we did, as we got that set up and as we fine tuned it, then we launched the live experience; which is much more fruitful whenever it comes to sales and SDR engagement with a visitor. So we launched it roughly in December and each quarter, we have seen a significant increase in revenue attributed to chat specifically.

You mentioned lots of SDR promotions. Is there a correlation between that and their use of Qualified? 

Oh, absolutely. In fact, the person who's been winning all the monthly SDR awards said that at one point in time somebody had suggested that she scale back on her time that she spends on Qualified. And she said that Qualified helps her triple her quota. So she is a fan.

Throughout this process, what has been one of your favorite key learnings?

The other thing that's really cool about Qualified is, as I’m looking at the website, I can see how visitors are engaging with our content. I can see what pieces that they have or I can see the pages that they go back to over and over again. I can see their thought process and it's helped to elevate a lot of qualitative content feedback for our GTM teams. There's been a lot of nuances that we've learned by watching the digital body language of our visitors on the Qualified chat platform.

Beth—thank you so much for taking the time to share your story. We can’t wait to see how Matterport continues to grow and expand with Qualified. Want to learn more about their strategy with Qualified? Cruise on over to the Matterport story to read more.

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