How to sell your boss on Qualified in 6 simple steps

Sold on Qualified but need to make sure your boss (and their boss!) is? We've got your back.

Shelly Weaver
Shelly Weaver
September 1, 2022
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Investing in new software has always been a big risk to take on, and we know that swaying your boss (and their boss, and their boss’s boss!) is harder now than ever.  When marketing budgets are shrinking, where you put your dollars matters–and dollars work way harder with the Pipeline Cloud. 

You think we’re the right tool for your team, but how do you get your executive buying committee on board? 

Easy, you’re just 6 steps away from selling your team on the Pipeline Cloud. 

1. Ask yourself if the Pipeline Cloud is right for your team

We’re all about customer success here at Qualified, so we need a few things to be in order for the Pipeline Cloud to be as impactful as possible for your business. Your website should meet the following criteria to get the most out of the Pipeline Cloud: 

  • You use Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • You have sizable website traffic
  • You are investing in paid ads that drive traffic to your site

Bonus points if you already have an existing outbound motion and BDR team driving traffic to your site! 

2. Show them the Pipeline Cloud in Action

Sometimes it’s easier to show than tell. We’ve put together some excellent resources to check out before you’re ready to chat with our team.

Let our VP of Demand Gen walk you through the heart of the Pipeline Cloud: Qualified Conversations. It helps you instantly meet with VIP buyers, right on your website, to convert more prospects into pipeline. With Qualified Conversations, your website conversions will skyrocket. Check it out. 👇

While you’re researching, here are a few other resources that should help.

Demos are great, but we drink our own champagne here. Our own sales team wows buyers on a daily basis–hear directly from them about their favorite Pipeline Cloud features. 

I really love the live view and preview typing–it's so useful. I tend to always personalize my message to their virtual body language and create fun greetings based on what they are looking at and typing.
–Feh Mafforte, Inbound Sales Rep


The name of the game when your higher-ups are being asked for more budget? Return on investment or ROI. Here’s what your boss needs to know:

In the 12 months following implementation, Qualified customers average*: 

  • 4224% ROI 
  • $1.3M in sourced revenue
  • $2.9M in influenced revenue
  • $5.5M in sourced pipeline
  • $11.7M in influenced pipeline

Might those numbers sound a little wild? We get it, we were blown away, too. We’re a company all about transparency–our customer success team went through customer by customer to collect revenue data and calculate the return they’ve seen minus the cost of investment, divided by the cost of investment. 

How do we define sourced and influenced in those numbers? Sourced numbers are contacts that come into customers’ systems directly through a Qualified Conversation. 

Influenced pipeline are leads or contacts that had a Qualified Conversation at some point before becoming pipeline. 

*Info is current as of July 2022. 

Want to see what your potential ROI could be? Click here to check out our handy ROI calculator. 

4. Let our customers do the talking

We wouldn’t be here if we weren’t excellent at pitching our product, so we’ll let our customers speak for us. We have hundreds of 5-star ratings over on G2, but here's a couple of highlights.

5. Ease any doubts about switching tech

Chatbots are a necessary tool for any website these days, we know your team might be comparing us with some cheaper alternatives, or even against your current chat solution. Before your boss bottom lines the cost of investment, it’s important to know that we’re much more than a chatbot. The Pipeline Cloud offers unparalleled access and insights into your buyers’ needs and engagement history. 

The Pipeline Cloud isn’t just a chat platform–think bigger. We’re a solution for marketing, advertising, outbounding, and inbounding. 

Whether you’re comparing us head to head, or you already have a solution that’s working okay for you, we want you to see the kind of business you could be doing with the Pipeline Cloud.

What does switching to the Pipeline Cloud look like if you already have a chatbot on your site? 

Our dedicated Qualified Success Architects stick with you every step of the way. That kind of white-glove service simply doesn’t exist with other chatbot tools. We’re here to do whatever it takes, can your current chatbot say the same? 

It takes, on average, about 7 days to swap your existing platform with the Pipeline Cloud configured to your current needs so you have as little downtime as possible. Then, we get to work on optimizing your program with customizable dashboards, routing, and all the tools you need to see the kind of return so many of our customers have. The entire implementation process is typically around 30 days. 

6. Get ready for some major applause 👏 

Congrats! You’re well-educated, armed with a ton of incredible numbers, and ready to get the powers that be on board. And if your boss still has questions, why not tap us in for a quick demo of what the Pipeline Cloud can do? We’re always down to help you blow a few minds, just hit that "Talk with sales" button and we'll be ready.

Get ready to be your team’s hero when the pipeline starts rolling in.

Tell your boss we say hey 👋

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