Introducing the Pipeline Cloud

As we kickoff Dreamforce, we’re excited to share new product innovations that usher in the future of pipeline generation.

Kraig Swensrud
Kraig Swensrud
September 14, 2022
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As we kick off Dreamforce, we’re excited to share our latest product innovations designed to help Salesforce customers generate even more pipeline from the corporate website. Dig in below to learn more!👇

It’s the best time of the year — it’s Dreamforce! Salesforce’s annual user conference, which presents a unique opportunity to connect with friends, customers, and Trailblazers around the world. With Dreamforce on hiatus the last few years, we’re especially excited to be a Platinum Sponsor for the 20th anniversary of this monumental tech experience.

As another Dreamforce approaches, it’s a great time to reflect on the past year. At Qualified, we’ve seen fantastic momentum with over 400% revenue growth. What’s more, we've welcomed hundreds of new Salesforce customers to our roster; including industry leaders like Adecco, Adobe, Autodesk, Cisco, VMware, Carta, and more… all of whom have leveraged the Pipeline Cloud and seen phenomenal results.

The Pipeline Cloud, combined with our dedication to world-class customer success, is what sets Qualified apart in this industry. It’s why Qualified is the #1 pipeline generation platform for Salesforce on both the AppExchange and G2. We couldn’t achieve this level of success without our customers, so I want to take a moment to say thank you for choosing Qualified! It’s our job to serve you every single day.

Pipeline generation is the top priority for B2B marketers today

Looking forward, we see the economy has shifted and pipeline generation is more important than ever for B2B companies. In fact, 49% of B2B sales and marketing leaders say that pipeline growth is their top priority. But in today’s economy, budgets are tight and marketers are being asked to generate the same — if not more — pipeline with fewer resources. So, how do you do this? How do you generate more pipeline more efficiently? 

Nearly 49% of B2B sales and marketing leaders say that pipeline growth is their top priority.

It’s all about connecting with buyers digitally. The #1 digital sales and marketing asset, effectively your digital storefront, is your corporate website. Everything B2B companies do drives traffic to the corporate website — paid ads, SEM, social media, events, outbound sequences, and webinars — and most companies welcome tens of thousands of visitors every single day. That’s a huge number of buyers interested in your business! But to date, the website has just been static marketing real estate. When visitors arrive, most companies greet even their most qualified buyers with one-size-fits all forms and phone numbers. It’s unbelievable. 

The problem is marketers have no idea who is on their website at any given time or what they’re doing. They aren’t meeting qualified buyers in the moment and they’re missing the chance to convert them into pipeline. 

The Pipeline Cloud is the future of B2B pipeline generation for Salesforce 

The six pillars of the Pipeline Cloud designed to generate more pipeline for Salesforce customers.

Today, we’re excited to unveil the next generation of our solution: the Pipeline Cloud for Salesforce! Built on the Salesforce Platform, the Pipeline Cloud connects the corporate website to Salesforce so marketers can deliver a completely differentiated B2B buying experience. The synergy between these two powerhouse platforms turns the website into a pipeline generation machine. Marketers can identify each visitor and transform the website into a full-blown Zoom-link experience with just a single click to chat, voice, or video. This is the experience your buyers expect and it’s the key to modern pipeline generation.

Our brand new set of features for the Pipeline Cloud are designed exclusively for Salesforce customers, like you:

Salesforce-Connected Website

Qualified Smart CTAs: harness Salesforce data to personalize the website experience with custom calls-to-action that give qualified buyers a direct path to sales on their terms.

Qualified Conversations

Qualified Chat, Voice, and Video: modernize your sales motion by turning your website into a Zoom-like experience. With just a single click to chat, voice, or video, buyers and sellers can have real-time sales meetings on your website to accelerate speed-to-lead.

Qualified Messenger: enliven the buying experience with the upgraded, human-centric Qualified Messenger that clearly indicates a sales rep is available and ready to connect in real time, right on your website. 

The Qualified Messenger humanizes the B2B buying experience.

Qualified Meetings

Qualified Meetings: enable buyers who aren’t available to meet in the moment to effortlessly book a future meeting right on the website, saving time and headaches by avoiding back-and-forth emails. 

Qualified Meetings enables buyers to schedule time with sales reps, effortlessly.

Qualified for Outbound

Outbound Intelligence: embed Qualified Signals data directly within outbound platforms, like Outreach and Salesloft. Sales reps now have instant access to buying intent data and can focus their outreach communications accordingly, without switching between platforms.

Qualified Email View: show sales reps which outbound email drove a buyer to the site, right within the Qualified app, so they have full context and can strike up a conversation that’s seamless and contextual across channels.

Qualified for Outbound notifies sales reps when a prospect clicks through an email to the site and displays the exact outbound email directly within the Qualified app.

Qualified for Advertising

Qualified Ad View: show sales reps the exact ad platform and ad creative that a buyer clicked on to arrive on the site, right within the Qualified app, so they can start a contextual conversation when buyer interest is piqued.

Qualified Signals

Qualified Account Spotlight: harness Signals data to uncover new accounts that are showing high buying intent, even those that are not yet in Salesforce. Then push this data into Salesforce and assign each newly identified account to a sales rep for immediate outreach, maximizing pipeline that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Qualified Signals Research Intent: surface research intent data alongside engagement intent data to display how target accounts are behaving across both first and third-party web properties. This gives sales and marketing teams clear visibility into where an account is in their buying journey to optimize outbound and advertising strategies.

Qualified Signals surfaces both engagement and research intent for target accounts.

Qualified for Salesforce

Pipeline Cloud Salesforce Dashboards: measure the impact of the Pipeline Cloud and prove the ROI right inside Salesforce. Since Qualified is purpose-built for Salesforce, you can use reports and dashboards to clearly see how this motion is both sourcing and influencing pipeline and generating revenue for your business.

With the Pipeline Cloud for Salesforce, companies can have more conversations, book more meetings, and generate more pipeline, all on the Salesforce-connected website. If you have questions or if you’d like to learn more, feel free to connect with us right on the website. Our team is standing by.

 If you’re attending Dreamforce, be sure to check out our sessions and swing by our booth — we’d love to connect with you. We hope you have a fantastic Dreamforce!

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