Qualified for Salesforce Pardot in 90 seconds

Watch this video and discover how you can engage with your hottest prospects and generate more pipeline for your business.

Maura Rivera
Maura Rivera
July 1, 2019
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If you’re running your B2B Marketing Automation on Salesforce Pardot, you’re actively identifying prospects, nurturing them, and generating pipeline for your sales team. Since Salesforce Pardot is at the heart of your marketing organization, you want to use applications that integrate seamlessly and complement your existing systems.

Salesforce Pardot does an incredible job getting interested prospects to your site, but it’s challenging to get them across the finish line and handed over to sales. This is what Adam Blitzer, the founder of Pardot, calls the “last mile problem”. 

The solution? Conversational Marketing. Qualified for Salesforce Pardot is a powerful conversational marketing platform that helps your sales teams have real-time conversations with valuable Pardot prospects the moment they land on your website, helping you speed up the sales handoff and generate more pipeline for your business. 

We’ve put together a short demo video that provides an overview of Qualified for Salesforce Pardot. Check it out!

Here are the highlights: 

  • Leverage Pardot prospect data to qualify your website visitors: It isn’t scalable or efficient to engage with every website visitor. But what if you could have conversations with your most “qualified” sales-ready visitors? With Qualified for Salesforce Pardot, you can use Pardot prospect data to fuel your qualification engine and identify your hottest website visitors. When a Pardot prospect engages with your Pardot email, visits a landing page, explores your website, fills out a form, meets a certain score or grade, or engages with a high-spend campaign, you can automatically open a door for your sales rep and prospect to connect.
  • Join an online meeting, right on your website: In Qualified you can see a LiveView of exactly how your visitors are browsing your website as well as all of their Pardot prospect data. Jump in and engage with your prospect at exactly the right moment using a full set of meeting tools (chat, screen-share, and voice-calling) and have a high-fidelity sales conversation. 
  • Create leads and opportunities in Salesforce with one click: Beyond Salesforce Pardot, Qualified also integrates with Salesforce CRM. Sales reps can create leads and opportunities in Salesforce right from the Qualified app and quickly move on to the next sales conversation. 
  • Sell around the clock with LeadBot and CalendarBot: Not sure if your website visitor is sales-ready? Configure LeadBot to ask qualifying questions and then route them to your reps. If your reps are busy or offline, allow your qualified visitors to schedule a meeting at a later date with CalendarBot.

Ready to give it a go? Check out our Qualified for Salesforce Pardot page to learn more or talk to one of our experts here.

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