The ABM Red Carpet

The ABM Red Carpet

The Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Red Carpet

What is it: Adopting an Account-Based Marketing strategy requires a highly concerted effort across each of your touch-points, from ads to landing pages. Still, it is an Experience like The ABM Red Carpet that gets this effort through "the last mile" of the visitor's journey to your site. As soon as a Target Account lands on your page, the corresponding Account team is alerted and given a chance to engage.

Where to use it: You should "roll out" The ABM Red Carpet on all of your high traffic landing pages as well as any landing pages that you've created specifically for your ABM Target Accounts. If there's a chance that an ABM Account ends up on a page, you should strongly consider using this experience to engage them.

Why do it: Between the content and workforce coordination, it takes a monumental effort to successfully execute ABM strategy. The ABM Red Carpet will get those ABM targets through "the last mile" of the lead conversion journey. Using the ABM Red Carpet will not only alert you when a target Account is on the site, but it will alert the appropriate Account team. This gives your business a great opportunity to engage with them and win their business.

The business impact: Increase the number of touches and potential lead generation inside of your most important target accounts.

Building the Experience

We've broken down how to build The ABM Red Carpet in a few easy steps.

Key Takeaways

Our most sophisticated customers are using The ABM Red Carpet, including Thoughtspot. This maximizes all of the time and effort they spent in giving their target Accounts a truly bespoke experience.

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