The Event Concierge

The Event Concierge

The Event Concierge

What is it: Whether it's a virtual webinar or a large user conference, you want to make it easy and seamless for individuals to register and attend your events. That's when Qualified customers turn to "The Event Concierge." This experience acts as your virtual help-desk (but without the silly "I'm a Conference Helper" t-shirt). It provides answers to FAQs, links to registration pages, and, in special cases, connects visitors directly to your team.

Where to use it: Your events' landing pages are a great place to start with The Event Concierge. We also recommend that you consider implement it on other community-driven parts of your website like the blog or knowledge base. Visitors on these sections of your site are more likely to be invested in your product and brand.

Event attendance looking a little light? Try putting The Event Concierge (or parts of it) on high traffic pages like your Homepage and sign-in pages. The more that you can promote the event, the better chance you'll have at a great turnout. Let The Event Concierge be your cheerleader and make your next event a success!

Why do it: Events consume a lot of bandwidth to organize and pull off. If there are any areas you can streamline it, you should! Still, you don't want to miss out on any additional registrants. The Event Concierge addresses both of these challenges, making it easier

The business impact: Boost overall event attendance by making registering and attending your next event a breeze for visitors.

Building the Experience

We've broken down how to build The Event Concierge in a few easy steps.

Key Takeaways

Events are hard. Between registration, logistics, and day-of questions, you can go crazy trying to pull it off. And that doesn't even include the event content! That's why customers like ThoughtSpot uses The Event Concierge Experience. This makes sure your visitors know about your event, have an easy path to registration and that your event is chock-full of guests!

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