The Grow Your Subscriber List

The Grow Your Subscriber List

Grow Your Subscriber List

Marketing email campaigns are a powerful tool within a Marketing organization. They are key to nurturing prospective customers toward a buying decision, sometimes for months or even over a year! That's why Qualified customers use The Grow Your List Bot to simply get users to opt in for marketing emails.

The result: Sign more visitors up for your marketing emails, increasing the chances of successfully nurturing prospective buyers

Building the Experience

The Grow Your List Bot can be used as a standalone experience or as a subset of other experiences (like The Homepage Utility Player). Regardless of where you implement it, we recommend that the flow generally adheres to the following structure: - A piece of your content is showcased - Ask if they would like to received more content similar to it, referencing the frequency that they'll receive communications- Ask for their email- Either an in-chat message with the most recent newsletter or an immediate email to their inboxThen, you can tweak the messaging and default options for frequency based on the response. If you do that, The Grow Your List Bot should be an email grabbing machine.

When to Use It

One of the first places you should start implementing The Grow Your List Bot is your Knowledge Base or Blog. These are the content-hungry visitors and are more likely to sign up for your marketing newsletters. After that, try expanding to product pages, especially if your team can target them with product-specific newsletters. We try to stay away from just asking for emails because we haven't given the visitor an indication on what type of content to expect. In sum, the more you can cater to the communication desires of your visitor, the more likely you're going sign up visitors that stick around and consume your content!

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