The Ideal Inbound Customer

The Ideal Inbound Customer

The Inbound Ideal Customer

What is it: In every business, there's at least one magic question. When this magic question in a particular way, it shows that the visitor matches your ideal customer profile (eliciting cheers from your sales team). The Ideal Inbound Customer helps you take a look at visitors that - thanks to data enrichment tools - seem to match your ICP. Then, the Experience asks that magical question (or questions!) to confirm that they are, in fact, exactly the prospect you want to connect with your team.

Where to use it: The Ideal Inbound Customer should be used on targeted landing pages and anywhere else that you might learn that a visitor potentially has attributes matching your ideal customer profile (ICP). These visitors might also be revealed by data enrichment tools.

Why do it: You have built your business around prospects that match a particular profile. The Ideal Now is the time for you to deploy your most meaningful and targeted content to those visitors and win their business.

The business impact: Identifying visitors that meet your ideal customer profile quickly, and alerting your Sales team will get you more chances with qualified prospective customers. Get enough of these chances and your converted lead generation should see a boost along with it.

Building the Experience

We've broken down how to build The Ideal Inbound Customer in a few easy steps.

Key Takeaways

There are many ways to identify that a visitor first might match your ICP, like ad referral traffic or data enrichment tools. Companies like Datis use The Ideal Inbound Customer to maximize the chances of further revealing whether these visitors match their ICP, and then connecting with them as soon as possible.

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